Best 10 Jira Alternatives for Agile Project Management

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In this article, you will find some great jira management alternatives for Agile Project Management that can help manage agile software projects.

Agile Project Management deals with an incessant cycle of breaking software developmental actions into bits and smaller segments. This division would further enhance the rate of functionality by dealing with each section separately and precisely.

Agility in project management arranges the sections frequently to induce adaptability in the plans of software development. Software development companies have been implementing this technique since its inception.

What is Jira? 

Starting off as an Information technology tool, Jira has created a wave of advancing project management features. It works efficiently in dealing with the dynamics of task creation, plotting, planning, and monitoring the functional aspect of project health. 

It works on the wheels of automated processing to regulate the inhibitory workflow and report creation. Beating the ages, Jira has evolved as an agile development tool that is affordable and easy to use. 

Best 10 Agile Project Management Softwares other than Jira

The Management software can be accessed through online mediums. Some of the best Jira management alternatives are listed below. 


A high-end user satisfaction agile tool that is crafted with aesthetically pleasing designs and patterns. The kanban boards of the tool can be customized fitting your requirements and workflow. 

MeisterTask is beneficial in designing any genre of project like software development, sales related stance, employee engagement charts for your company, etc. The tool uses both the visualized elements and automatic inhibitory processes to ensure magical creations. 

It can also help in allocating and keeping a check on the specific assignment of tasks with the help of checklists, record of commutation for the completed sprints, a systematic notification methodology for the stakeholders about the work progress, etc. All these mechanisms are fully automated with a user interface. 

It can help to compile a planned way of working with the mind mapping facility given by the MindMeister application. Post execution of your planning and mapping you can transfer your work to the kanban board for further proceedings. 


  • Very flexible in terms of usage
  • Unique and simple designs fully customisable at your will
  • Mobile friendly online agile tool
  • Mode of functionality is easy to comprehend and work with


  • Somewhere falls short on internal calendars 
  • Not that good to function with Gmail


Meister can be accessed by sparing a minimum amount of $8.25 per month. It also comes with a limited edition free plan for every user. 


Another great jira management alternative tool for Agile Project Management is EasyRedmine.

A very famous agile tool that is certainly favored by many business enterprises. The standardized mode of working with an open-source accessibility for the management of the assignments makes it highly competent for upscaling its usage across the globe.

A refined version of its predecessor, the EasyRedmine, offers ample scope for expanding the activities of project management with the inclusion of features like finances, customer-centric approaches, resource handlings, et cetera. 

Additionally, it pays attention to all the elements of managing and collaborating tasks with tracking methodologies, Gantt charts, calendars, mapping systems and sharing of files with others. Overall the EasyRedmine is an exclusive and simple Agile Project Management tool. 

A fully active and responsible tool that gives limited scope for missing out on adding details with the use for advanced attributes. This includes plugins and add-ons that can be all you need to add that extra to your recipe! 


  • Has a board consisting of plugins and extensions for giving you extra characterized agility 
  • Allows you to track down foreign invasions in the system like bugs
  • Offers you a feature of documentation of every sprint
  • Conventional methodology of arranging the projects on order of work


  • Vigilant tasks of parenting are not notable in the board  
  • An extra part of work on the side of the developer for data management 


Spending a monthly charge of $33 can allow a maximum of 25 users to work at once. 

3. Nostromo

Nostromo is an all-new decked-up tool for agile operations that has been devoured with premium project management features. Working with the elements of task and time management, a checklist for performing the needful actions, analysis of the developmental progresses, many more offerings lie happily in the basket to be offered by Nostromo. 

Being a high-performing kanban tool, the Nostromo is a powerful task management software. It helps the developers to take complete care of the tracking and managing domain of their actions on each segment for the total completion of the project.

It is quite light and easily operable for new and learned developers. Collaborative functioning promoted by Nostromo makes it all the more praiseworthy in its mode of work and reliability. If ever you sense the need of switching from your existing tool board to the Nostromo tool board, relax! The onboarding process is very fast and easy to handle. 


  • Easy method of onboarding from any spreadsheet
  • The user research design so offered by Nostromo is highly efficient and award-winning
  • Simple, light, and functional 


  • Not much scope for inviting an external agent or third party compilation
  • Limited Online dominance 
  • The base for the users are quite compactly spaced 


Free version for a limited period of 30 days and the premium version is wisely priced at $10 monthly for granting access to two users at once. 


Ravetree is a premium agile task management software that is sure to encrypt high-end satisfaction on usage. Starting from the options of designing resources to tracking down budgets and work progression. This makes Ravetree a commendable, adaptive, and reliable tool, and one more in our list of jira management alternatives for Agile Project Management.

Ravetree can be beneficial to all organisations that seek independence and efficient advancement in fields like advertising, marketing, endorsing their productions, architectural deployments, accounting on legalized grounds, etc. It can also be used for developing software for making the functionality of educational institutions, NGOs, and governmental agencies.

Any extensions are not requisitory to be induced in the agile creations of Ravetree. Ravetree also allows advanced modes of communication and collaborative functioning amongst the team in software development. The single source of operations allows the users to develop projects with a futuristic approach. 


  • Allows efficient multi-tasking within the managerial responsibilities 
  • Ravetree has elements facilitating budgeting plans 
  • Simple and easy user Interface


  • There are no such tools in the software development sections for reporting any detections
  • Customisation goes hindered in the home board 


A compact pricing plan for spending $29 monthly and if yearly agreement is agreed then at about $39 per user, you can enjoy yearly access. For nonprofit tasks you have to spend $20 monthly.

Teams looking forwards to data organization and easy operation of task management activities, can rely on for its high-end predictability and efficiency. It ensures the prime usage and delivery of phenomenal functions to regulate the pace of workflow.

The efficient use of Artificial Intelligence makes the platform perform tasks on providing useful insights for sustaining proficient planning mechanisms. The sprint activity’s rate of working can also be monitored simultaneously. The potential of the software to keep everything organized makes working easy and quick.

The tracking and managing of sprint activities becomes easy with the ability of backlog management and reduced chances of reworking for the organized nature of the tool. The tool also provides a method of recommending the necessary alterations.


  • Useful insights for grafting the spreadsheets
  • The user research designs is great and efficient
  • A one stop solution for ends catering to RFP processes 
  • Scope of management of resources 
  • can work simultaneously in a two way process with Jira 


  • Onboarding comes at a price to be cleared
  • The takes a little pre existing knowledge for learning it’s mechanisms
  • Can be a little tricky to comprehend
  • Useful for organizational endeavors 


Can be bought by paying $29 a month per user. It also gives a free trial for 14 days. Can be thoroughly used by agencies, business hubs, etc.

Being highly flexible in terms of use, provides a great framework for agile software development. Unhindered methodologies of work is the prime notion followed by

The instruction to activate its functionality starts with inculcating the task to be accomplished flaked by the steps to be taken. You are required to put all this necessary information on the board. The spreadsheets look appealing, arranging for several options for viewing it like kanban board, Gantt charts, etc. 

Maintaining a record for the task progresses can be done through viewing the dashboard. It comes with an easy interface to learning the tool for the developers and gives good chances for connecting with the customers. It always gives a scope for customer services.

Planning sprints, creating tales for the users and allocating various segments of work to the developers are encircled under the base of its functionality. 


  • Good scopes for collaborative working 
  • A wider board featuring integrated actions 
  • Great looking spreadsheets for recording task movements 


  • Little on the expensive side  


Only a 14 days free trial is allowed to enjoy. The paid version comes for $17, where two users can work in a month


Wrike has already snapped some awards for its highly functional interface. This agile tool is designed keeping in mind the suitability to be used by teams for configuring customisable actions. Therefore another option in the market of jira management alternatives for Agile Project Management

The simplicity manifested by Wrike gives ample exposure to the developers to transition between kanban boards and charts of Gantt. It also allows the users to view the workload and the project health. It has a lot to offer in terms of features to proceed with task management including templates with simple user interface, management for backlog analysis, etc. 

The effective feedback mechanism initiated by Wrike is useful in task management and task orientation. The software has more than 400 pre-existing integration options to offer the users. The file management opportunities derived from Wrike are beneficial being supported by Google, Dropbox, etc. 


  • Beneficial for middle sized or large sized assignments 
  • Can be useful for Marketing and sales oriented task management 
  • The configurable elements are quite beneficial 
  • The feedback mechanism gives chance for decorating mapping systems 


  • Suitable for biggies of business
  • The mode of commenting on the project procession could have been drawn better 
  • Slightly on the expensive side for the smaller organizations 


Monthly paid versions start at $9.80 for single users


Nifty is the best working Project Management tool for every developer. It has gained all-rounded support for its premium services at the snap of a few clicks. It works whimsically in promoting multiple tasking abilities. 

The kanban board for functionality is highly styled for achieving the milestone of working. It allows the user to design effective documentation for each project. The tools of communication provided by the software are effective in connecting a wide group while working on the project. 

What makes nifty work seamlessly is its potential to compile the useful elements of working in a project at one place. This compilation helps to note down the essential ground of work and nooks requiring vigilant actions. Nifty uses a wise mechanism of reducing the workload by allowing the user to meld project objectives with accessible resources. 

The actions of reducing the load of the developmental cycle by Nifty makes it all the more beneficial and acceptable amongst the developer. Remembering the essentiality of communication while working, Nifty designs thread attached to each project sphere to encourage quick and specific communication. 


  • The interface is minimally designed yet eye-catching 
  • Very easy to be used by all new and learned developers 
  • Gives great support to the developers 


  • Not that noticeable in terms of uniqueness
  • Not much scopes manifested for small and middle operating enterprises


For beginners, the pricing might range from $39 a month, the pro package comes for $79 a month while the package for business enterprises covers $124. The organizations willing to use this agile tool can contact the software houses for getting the correct quoted price. Free versions and trials of working with Nifty are also very well organized. 


SpiraTeam can be termed as the one stop solution for developers seeking the most effective agile development software. It works mechanically to deal with management activities and chains the whole process in an organized way. 

The use of programs makes the project health trackable and documented. SpiraTeam is best suited for management of your taskforce with the use of Gantt charts and specific technical solutions. It gives a vigilant look to the project management and frequent viewing of the project stature.  

It is suitable for working with all sizes of industries and providing useful iterations for accomplishing project handling objectives. 


  • Highly competent agile development software
  • Has a great mechanism of regulating workflow 
  • Reporting daily can be done by using SpiraTeam as your software development tool 


  • Can be a little pricey for the smaller organizations 


SpiraTeam is priced at $933 for licensed users consisting of three members. Monthly $42 can be spent for a single user. It also has a scope for free trial usage. 

Pivotal Tracker

And finally last in our list of jira management alternatives for Agile Project Management is Pivotal Tracker. The tool can be very beneficial in the chores of task management.

The tool is a highly efficient agile developer tool making the process of managing multiple projects at once effective. You can also view your creation simultaneously while onboarding stories from one platform to another

Pivotal Tracker is very dazzling in its potential of providing useful analytical inferences that assist in quick snapping and alteration of erroneous inputs.

The vigilance provided by the tool helps in learning about the dynamics of teamwork and their contributions towards the project development. Iterations and charts provide commendable scope of understanding project progress. 

The tool works cautiously with the optimization and integration furnishing more than 140 extensions for fabricating your functional sheets. It also goes well with the conduction of documentation to record your will regularly. 


  • Provides an easy visualization option for pre-created projects
  • Plays high on providing analytics 
  • Creatively created to feed the need of agile productions 


  • Not as competent as the other existing tools 
  • Chances for overflow of information intake 
  • Passable but not high performing in mobile conductions 


A completely free tool for feeding the agile development needs of three teams. The paid version comes at $12.50 a month for five users. 


Agile Project Management tools are inevitable for handling today’s vast database. Every organization seeks for a multitasking sector that would take complete care of the increasing demand for organizing and designing befitting data handling solutions.

In the fast-evolving digital era there is absolutely no doubt in comprehending the fact that data would grow enormously considering the technological advancement. In the approaching years, the need for an efficient task manager would touch the sky of being a quintessential ware. 

The above-mentioned ten jira management alternatives for Agile Project Management are quite competent. And also worthy of being trusted with bulk tasking. Implementing agile development software might give good explorative growth terminologies to each organization. There are different pricing policies for each software fitting into the frame of individual requirements. 


This article was written by Harikrishna Kundariya. Harikrishna Kundariya is a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot& Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder,  Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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